Kraze FX Filbert Brush - Small

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Professional face painting brushes designed by face painters for face painters. 

Kraze FX Small Filbert Brushes are a must-have for professional face painters. The brushes feature a sleek and durable design, perfect for creating intricate designs such as flower petals, lines of varying thickness, one stroke designs, tear drops, leaves, and flowers. The brushes are specifically designed by face painters for face painters, making them a great choice for anyone looking to elevate their face painting skills. The Small Filbert shape is ideal for blending colors around the eyes and filling in spaces, and the brushes are made with superior bristles that pick up, hold and apply face paint evenly. The brushes are also sturdy, designed for repeated use, making them a great investment for your face painting kit.

Short, thick handle made of birch, offers comfortable grip and control to the artist while face painting. Kraze Brushes have electroplated copper ferrules, electroplated first with nickel and then chrome. Bristles made of PBT, are soft, durable and less water absorbent.