About Us

Kraze FX was born from FacePaint.com working with the professional face paint community over the last decade. We wanted to make a face paint for face painters.

Excitement was high from the beginning - visiting the manufacturer, coming up with paint colors, testing them to ensure consistency and staining, developing split cake combinations, naming the split cakes - it has been a learning curve!

Sailing didn’t start off smoothly! We had a setback of several months when our first trademark was turned down by the trademark office. So we created our exclusive face paint group ("Creating My Face Paint" currently "Kraze Fx Artist Community") and were thrilled to see 350 people join us immediately!  The group brainstormed hundreds of names, but most of them didn't pass muster on the trademark side until  Kim Chiasson came up withKraze FX - thank you Kim!

The 2nd order of business was what we can do differently. There were several rounds of product testing, suggestions, reviews and changes before we came up with details such as size, shape, colors and packaging! Thanks to everybody who put in a lot of time commenting, responding, testing, reviewing and even a few calls (thanks  Flora Doodle). We have incorporated as many suggestions as we could.  None of this could have happened without this group!

Our brand summary is not complete without the following special mentions and thanks:

  • Special thanks to  Kaitlyn Runion for coming up with the concept of square cakes instead of standard round ones - enabling better utilization of space and stackability.
  • We were quite excited to hear from  Lisa Croghan who gave us the smart idea of domed split cakes, that helps solve the classic problem of paint running out on the edges!
  • Last but not the least,  Beth MacKinney who helped me design the split cakes and picked out some of her favorite colors. We owe her a big THANK YOU!

Also special thanks to everyone from FacePaint.com who worked very hard to bring out Kraze FX.

Our real journey has just started! We hope you all will give Kraze FX a try and help us with your valuable feedback on what we can do better! We’ll be adding more and more products and are looking forward to incorporating your ideas to make better face paint for face painters. We want to join the conversations about new product ideas and try out some FREE samples! Join the Kraze FX Artist Community today!

Blake Cabot