November 22, 2019 2 min read

Blacklight makeup and palettes are a great addition to any kit. These colors can be used in natural light for a bright, vivid, neon color, or they can be used with blacklight for a glowing effect. 

I paint faces and bodies at a lot of blacklight parties, and I usually use my Wolfe blacklight palette. I recently received my first Kraze FX Neon Palette. I was very excited to play with this palette and see how it measured against the products I usually use. Read below to see my findings.

The Kraze palette comes with 6 bright neon colors that are perfect, and even includes a small round brush. This palette reminds me a lot of the neon Wolfe palette that I usually use- except the Kraze palette includes a neon blue color instead of the bonus pink/orange pink that is in the Wolfe palette. This is a good change in my opinion. I would rather have a blue option than have two colors that are almost identical. 

The colors are nice and creamy when I activate them with water and mix around with the provided brush.

First, I used the small round brush to sample all of the colors in the palette with tear drops on the inside of my arm. I find that most blacklight paints are a little translucent and these are also, so i just made sure that I loaded the brush up really well before each teardrop. The colors show up really opaque and bright in natural light.

When I turn my lights out and shine only my blacklight the colors glow beautifully and stay true to the colors that they are.

In this next step, I used my round brush and a small angled brush to create this quick design that includes some staple elements that we use as face painters- tear drops.. swirls and dots. I added the dots over the tear drops to see if the colors would show up when I layered them over each other. I also added some shadow with the swirls. 

Again, this works great with the natural light and also glows perfectly when I use only the Blacklight. When I added colors on top of each other, they still showed up.

In this step I experimented with the Kraze FX Neons loading sponges with the colors and stippling them over a stencil on my arm. The colors went on smoothly, they didn’t bleed through and the end result was great in natural light and blacklight.

When I was done painting my arm, I used baby wipes to easily wipe away the paint. As you can see in the above picture, the paint didn’t leave any residue that was visible in natural light or Blacklight.

In conclusion, this is a great palette! Very comparable to the Wolfe Blacklight palette but has better colors choices.  The brush that is included is a nice bonus. The colors are vivid and look great in natural and blacklight. 

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