October 11, 2019 3 min read

Today I'm going to show you how to face paint tiger lines and leopard spots! Tiger lines and leopard spots are one of the first basics of face painting, and in this tutorial, I will be using the new Kraze FX face paints!

These kind of animal designs are one of the most requested by children and mastering these lines will be a great help for a faster and better result.

How to Face Paint Tiger Lines

Step 1

First work the paint's consistency by mixing thoroughly water with the paint. It shouldn't be too watery or too thick and the brush must have a pointy tip. In this case I used Kraze FX Black and Prima Barton Creative Series Round 3.

Step 2

Tiger stripes are slightly curved and they go from thin to thick and to thin again. To paint them, start by lightly pressing the brush against the skin. Lean your pinkie on the surface to gain better control of the brush.

Step 3

As you're painting, the line should be getting thicker by pressing harder in the middle and thinner again gradually lifting the brush to get a thin, sharp point.

Step 4

It's very useful practicing tiger lines in different lengths and both curved and straight to adapt them to the shapes of your model's face since all the stripes should point in the same direction, usually, the central focal point and the corners of the eyes.


How to Face Paint Leopard Spots

The spots on leopards are patchy rosettes on the body and solid on face and limbs, so we can combine both types to give more movement to our leopard design.

Step 1

We can start by painting random spots of different sizes as base. Use a number 8 Prima Barton Creative Series Round with Kraze Brown.

Step 2

Load the brush with Kraze FX Black and outline the spots in different ways: you can use a c-shape outline or two or three separate lines. Lines are thick in the middle and thinner but rounded at the points.

Step 3

To get these round lines you can press flat the brush on the skin and lift it in a soft, curved way.

Step 4

Finally, combine patchy with solid, smaller spots to fill in blank spaces or when painting near the eyes or mouth.

Final Design

This is just to show you how combining the techniques described above we can do a fast but impressive on the job design.

Here I used Kraze FX Split cake Sundown as a base and painted several feline lines with a number 8 Prima Barton Creative Series Round and Kraze FX Black. The main feature is that all lines point in the same direction to give more flow and coherence to the design. I hope you lilke it!


Materials Used:

Kraze FX Black
Kraze Brown
Kraze FX Split cake Sundown
Prima Barton Creative Series Round 3
Number 8 Prima Barton Creative Series Round


Belén Canosa is the owner of Belén te Pinta and has been working as a professional face painter since 2011 when she discovered a passion for painting on a live canvas.

She loves belly painting and teaching and her works have been featured in several face and body painting magazines like Skin Markz Magazine, Illusion Magazine, Pintamos? and Qmagazine

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