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Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about an UV/neon palette, from the new brand Kraze FX! Its price in the market is 25$, which is a standard price for this type of palette. This is the first product I’ve tested from this brand, so I had no expectations about it. I have tested it with different techniques and tools, so lets see how it works!

Kraze FX Neon Palette

The Specs

This palette is very compact and light weight. It comes with six UV colors, with 6g each one (pink, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple). It also comes with a small round brush, which is always a great bonus! Each paint is removable and it comes with a plastic cover.

Kraze FX Neon Palette

Behind this palette we can see the ingredients. We see that the main ingredient is paraffin wax, among others. They are also hypoallergenic and non-toxic. In addition, it’s cruelty-free.

Kraze FX Neon Palette Ingredients

Let's See Some Swatches!

Kraze FX Neon Palette Swatches

The paints are very creamy and they activate very quickly. Normally, UV paints are translucent. Sometimes too much. But the truth is that I was pleasantly surprised! They are too pigmented to be UV paints! Some colors perhaps more than others such as pink or orange. If I compare them with other professional UV face paints, you can see in the following picture that the pigmentation is very different at natural light.

Other Brands Neon Palette

Line Work Design

Kraze FX Neon Palette Design

It has been very easy to paint lines with these paints! I have barely had to load the brushes to get coverage. Just a little water is enough, and the result is quite beautiful! In black light, the Kraze FX neon face paints really glow beautifully!

Lets see how they work with sponges and daubers, with and without stencils!

Kraze FX Neon Palette Sponging

The paints blend quite well and easy with each other with the sponge, and they also continue to look quite neon in natural light!

When you paint with stencils, you have to be more careful than usual with the amount of water. With a minimum amount is enough. If not, the designs can easily get blurred. I also find that, for these paints, daubers are better than sponges when working with stencils.

Kraze FX Neon Palette Stenciling

Would I recommend this product?

Absolutely, yes.

The paints are very pigmented in natural light, so they could work even without black light. With black light, the paints are very luminescent and beautiful. Perhaps, the least luminescent color is purple, but even so it’s visible under black light. 



Tag me on social media if you try it on a design and tell me your impressions!

Marta Ortega is a makeup artist, face painting instructor, theatre makeup instructor and a profesional face painter located in Seville (Spain). She is the owner of Purpurina (@maquillajespurpurina) as a face painter, and she is also known as Marta O Makeup (@martaomakeup) as a makeup artist. She has won several face painting contests since she started to learn face paint in 2016, and you can almost always find her creating and designing at her studio, and learning new artistic techniques of all kind (photography, draw, fx makeup, and whatever she likes). 





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