November 29, 2019 3 min read

Flowers are an essential part of face painting, so I wanted to share with you my 3 most used designs on the job, painted of course with Kraze FX paints.

Step 1 - Basic One Stroke Rose

I'm loading my Prima Barton 3/4" angle brushwith Kraze FX 6 Split Cake Palette-Jalepeno and painting the petals. The darker color is at the inner part, so that we can get that depth to the rose. Sometimes I'll paint a red circle using a dauber (see next image) just as a guide for petal placement and to avoid those empty spaces between petals.Then when it is dry I'm painting a rose bud,here is important that you watch out for placement and top of the bud should be on darker part of the petal.After that we are finishing up with painting petals around the rose bud.They look like tiger stripes( thin-thick-thin),and they are done also with angle brush.Best way to describe how to paint petals around bud would be that you start painting line with tip of the brush perpendicular to surface and then lean it to the side at the midle and then again back to straight.

Step 2- Base for the Second Rose

With my favorite dauber and Kraze FX Red from the Fundamentals 12 Color Palette, I'm dabbing the base for our second "tiger stripe" style rose. I love this red because it doesn't stain and has that beautiful deep tone.

Step 3 - Painting "Tiger Stripes" and Finishing the Roses

Using the finger dauber, and the Kraze FX Tardis split cake, I added two smaler roses and then with Kraze FX Black and a round brush No3, I'm creating petals. It is a basic tiger stripe line that goes from thin to thick to thin - it's fast but still beautiful.Then I added leaves using the Kraze FX Lush Split Cake,and we are done with our two fast roses.

 Step 4 - Painting Double Dip Flowers

First I need to tell you that I'm obsessed with Kraze FX Metallic White - I use it for the base in lots of my designs! It has that delicate shimmer, but at same time has great coverage. Next I'm loading my Flora brush with Kraze FX White,wipe the tip of the brush with a wet wipe, and load it with Kraze FX Maya Blue (non staining). Just by pressing the flora brush, you are getting perfect double dip petals.

For those side petals, turn the brush at its narrow side, and just press down. If you loaded your brush correctly, you are going to be able to paint the whole design with that one load.

Step 5 - Finishing up the Double Dip Flower Design

Adding teardrops,dots and curls/swirls is fastest way to finish up the design. A round brush No3 was used for all this, with Kraze FX White, Lime Greenand Metallic Deep Purple.


Kraze FX Black
Kraze FX White 
Kraze FX 6 Split Cake Palette-Jalepeno
Kraze FX Red
Kraze FX Split Cake Tardis
Kraze FX Split Cake Lush
Kraze FX Metallic White
Kraze FX Maya Blue (non staining)
Kraze FX Lime Green
Kraze FX Metallic Deep Purple


Round No3 Brush
Prima Barton 3/4 Angle Brush 
Finger Dauber
Flora Brush


Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!

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