August 28, 2019 1 min read

Hey Everyone! So happy to get my hands on some great quality paint. Today I am reviewing Kraze FX face paints, which are the newest face paints in the market! 

I will also be showing how to do double and triple dip flower petals, as well as how to apply dots to your design. Once I added water to the product it was really easy to load up my brush. No clumps or bumps just smooth product for easy application. The colors are vibrant on my skin and blend well together. Kraze FX is wax based face and body paint which allows for a great blend as well as the  ability to layer your colors easy.

Here is a quick tutorial on double dips and dots. Thank you for watching. Get your hands some Kraze FX!

Products Used:

Kraze FX Basic Color Palette 
Round Brush 

Zuri Fx Johnson, Makeup and Fx Artist, Kids Face painter, Theater Makeup artist. All levels of makeup she enjoys! Zuri has been a professional makeup artist for ten years. She always wants to enhance your beauty but also turn you into something you couldn't even imagine. 
Thank you for watching and viewing. I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial. More to come!

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